Samklef Reveals Why He’s Angry with Wizkid + Download Interview Video

Exclusive Interview With Samklef Courtesy Of Notjustok

A few days back, Music Producer – Samklef took a jab at Wizkid on Twitter with some very disturbing set of tweets. Wizkid did reply but for Samklef, that wasn’t going to be the end of everything. So, we took a walk to Samklef‘s studio to hear all he had to say about his relationship with Wizkid and he spilled it all out and dropped some very heavy facts and NAMES!!! What are you waiting for? Check out the interview below.

Mr. Sam, what’s going on na?
I’m fine and you?

I’m good o. What’s been happening to you? You’ve been a bit quiet and all that.

Basically, I have not been quiet. I have been trying to put things in place because in this industry, you cannot survive without some certain things. I went to reinforce.  

People actually thought you should still be on the major productions right now.

Like I said, I decided to go into Multimedia because I was in that before now. I’m not just an artiste, I am a businessman. So I kinda went back to where I started from because right now, It’s a different ball game all together. I’m still in music as you can see because I just dropped a new single “NANA” featuring Skales and I have been shooting a lot of videos for my friends in the industry. Big things are coming up for me this year. It’s God’s time!

You moved based to the Island. Any reason behind that?

Location is necessary for growth. Island is like the new Hollywood right now. Most of my clients are based on the Island. I just want to start something new. The location change gives more leverage to what I do.

A couple of days ago, there was this uproar on Social Media about your tweets aimed at Wizkid. What happened? Why did you do that?



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