Furious fighting in the house

men in the house exploded into a heated fight. JJ had been rapping in the bedroom with Alusa, Frankie, Trezagah and Mr. 265, when Tayo walked in. He did not appreciate JJ’s freestyling lyrics and made his feelings known. Within minutes, the men in the room started lashing out at one another to such a volatile extent, it brought the rest of the housemates running.

The women entered the fracas trying to calm everyone down. Samantha stepped up as Head of House and reminded them they risked being kicked out the house if the fight became physical. Other housemates stood by in complete amazement at the powerful emotions running riot in the room. His temper flaming, Tayo left the room to simmer down.

At this stage, JJ let rip, thoroughly upset at what had just taken place, saying he was not trying to be an alpha male, while Alusa explained that JJ had just been trying to express himself. Mr. 265 got equally upset at the extreme swearing that had taken place.

After a period of intense emotion, the house calmed down, but the talking continued. Samantha wondered how far she should take her leadership role in situations like this, but others assured her she had done the right thing and that getting too involved made people angrier.

The housemates seem convinced that tomorrow is another day and everything will be all right. Are they correct, or has Africa seen a major game-changer take place? Talk started developing between the housemates about strategy and what Africa would think, and fans let loose with their opinions after a night that had been relaxed and light-hearted up until then:


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