NEW MIXTAPE: Stago – G.O.D (Gaining Ones Definition) EP ft. E.L, Ko-Jo Cue & Dex Kwasi

Rapper Stargo, finally drops his much anticipated EP ”G.O.D”. The title G.O.D is an acronym that stands for Gaining Ones Definition. Stargo stated ‘It is like a ‘calling’ to nurture my rap faculty so my fans can understand the pain & stress I go through as a sacrificial lamb. He further stressed ‘It is a display of my artistry, my work and individual as a person signifying how I construct my records.

Also, the artwork signifies me been ‘crucified’ for what I do (music wise) and bleeding to do music for the love I have of them (music lovers).

‘It is a portrayal of how Jesus died for us because of the love God has for humans’, he said. The mixtape features other talented GH HipHop acts like E.L, Slimbo (Producer), Ko-Jo Cue and Dex Kwasi.

The EP is purely HipHop with a bonus single which has a blend of Hiplife/Afropop titled ‘Super Glue’.


1. Spit-Flow-Duction (Prod. By Slimbo)
2. Get Big (ft. E.L) (Prod. By E.L)
3. Too Bad (ft. Ko-Jo Cue & Dex Kwasi) (Prod. By Slimbo)
4.  Middle Fingers Up (M.F.U) (Prod. By E.L)
5. Super Glue (Prod. By E.L)



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